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Friday, January 25, 2013

Pyramid Scissor Keeper

I have been trying to finish off some bits and pieces before Needlework starts again for the year .... I had stitched most of this little Pyramid Scissor Keeper (Sue Hawkins kit) but finally got to put it together yesterday (a rare day off work!!)  ....

This is the back of the scissor keeper and it happens to be the same colours as the pincushion I made.  I am giving away the pincushion as my 4 years of blogging anniversary gift in conjunction with the Grow Your Blog party!   

Thankyou to everyone who has visited and left such lovely comments as part of the blog party and also taken the time to email me about my blog.  I appreciate each and every comment and hopefully have replied to everyone and not missed anyone out!   I have enjoyed browsing through some new and interesting blogs also ... not all needlework and patchwork related, but some beautiful photography blogs and gardening blogs ... all wonderful things to inspire me to be creative!  It is so lovely that we all have different tastes and interests ... it makes for a diverse blogging world!!   Have a lovely long weekend if you are in Australia and celebrating Australia Day this weekend!  


  1. How cute is your scissor fob! Have a fantastic Australia Day! Think of me I will be working this weekend!

  2. beautiful work fiona,you are so clever,enjoy your weekend.xx

  3. beautiful blog....
    follow me at mscreations27.blogspot.com

  4. The scissor keeper is adorable! Beautiful work, Fiona.

  5. Lovely colors, like jewels! Matching your scissors very nicely, also.

    Happy Australia Day!

  6. Happy Aussie Day Fiona! I love you little scissor pyramid!!

  7. Oh very CUTE Fiona. Hope you had a great Aussie Day weekend and your surviving any storms that may be around :)


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