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Friday, February 8, 2013

"Inspiring Country Threads" Vol 13 No 10 out soon!!

This surprising little package awaited me when I got home from work yesterday .... "Inspiring Country Threads" Vol 13 No 10 .... out early next week .... but I have an advance copy .... my "Love to Sew" sewing box is a featured project!   Very exciting .... there it is down on the bottom of the front cover!

Just inside and sitting on a lovely quilt made by Danielle Tebb, the Editor of "Country Threads" magazine! 

And the project ....  I hope you can find a copy next week .... it has some lovely pieces in it, including some by some fellow bloggers .... Vikki Collumbine, Michelle Ridgway, and Val Laird  ....  it is lovely to be included in the company of these talented women!    Happy reading .... and if you need assistance .... the box came from Hobbysew and the wooden buttons came from "Up In Annie's Room" !!   Happy stitching !! 


  1. Wow. Looks fantastic Fiona!!!!!

  2. That is fabulous Fiona! It's a really good feeling when you see one of your own designs in print. Will search out a copy in downtown Griffith.

  3. Congratulations Fiona. Your work is beautiful. Truly a front cover piece.

  4. Congratulations Fiona. How exciting to see your own work published.

  5. Wow I know someone famous!! what a buzz to have your work published - I love the one I have made from your pattern and will be racing out to get a copy of the magazine "just to have"..congratulations!!

  6. congratulations Fiona on having your pattern published....., that must be a fabulous feeling

  7. Congratulations Fiona, tis a great feeling, front cover too!!!


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