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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Embroidered Pincushion & Thread Catcher

I put the finishing touches to my Embroidered Pincushion and Thread Catcher over the weekend .... and this is the result ! 

I love having one of these right beside my sewing machine to catch all the bits and pieces and the one that I had been using for years was sorely in need of replacement!  

I love stitching a variety of flowers on the pincushion ...

And then the search is on for appropriate "weights" to hold it down and the perfect little pair of scissors to tuck into the scissor holder in the bag!   For my Needlework ladies .... we will be stitching this in a couple of weeks time!! 


  1. it's so pretty Fiona.......a great replacement.......

  2. So pretty! I'm curious about what you'll use to weigh it down, because I have one that sliiiiides off the edge of the table.

  3. Absolutely delicate and beautiful! ;)

  4. wow Fiona this is gorgeous ,well done on such a pretty design.xx

  5. Love your threadcatcher! The pincushion will make a great class project. So pretty!

  6. Fiona: Lovely work, I have a thread catcher it is a most needed tool at my sewing machine.
    Thank-you for sharing this lovely finish.

  7. Fiona-I seriously think you should make these to sell on your etsy shop. Maybe simplify the pincushion so it is faster to make (ie, no embroidery), but I would definitely buy one.

    And I'll be so would many others!
    I also love other sewing you have done, but will leave that for another post :)

  8. It's gorgeous, congratulations

  9. Wonderful pincushion and thread catcher! So sweet!



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