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Monday, March 11, 2013

Needlework Bag or Doorstop??

This is a different idea for a project .... this design of mine was to make a small needlework bag to keep all your little bits and pieces together .... but Frances has decided hers (pictured below) she will fill with rice or sand and make a door stop!!! 

I was just looking back through my Needlework Cruise photos and am still absolutely bowled over by the beautiful needleturn appliqué and hand quilting of Julie Adamson .... it was just divine!

I love anything paisley .... so this was right up my alley ... so much work but so very worth it!

Look at these tiny tiny needleturn leaves!!   Just exceptional!    I have been finishing off my projects for "Stitching on the Lake" in Canberra in April so will hopefully show them to you soon!! 


  1. Amazing detail....so inspiring.

  2. Fiona: What beautiful bag.

  3. that paisley is gorgeous and had to believe they are needleturned,very clever.xx

  4. What beautiful work Fiona, Im a bit of a paisley girl too!!

  5. That needle turn is just exquisite!!

  6. Lovely - but I like it as a bag! And the paisley is just beautiful!


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