Thursday, March 14, 2013

Raffle Quilts and Finished Pieces!

Jenny bought along two gorgeous raffle quilts with her to Needlework this week.  She had quilted them for the Night Owls Patchwork Group and they will be raffled shortly ..... this is a colourful nine patch quilt ....

I did a nine patch swap a few years ago ..... so this is inspiring me to get them out and make a quilt like this !! 

This is not the best picture ... but this is gorgeous .... all made in bright and breezy batik fabrics ...  I bought tickets in the raffle .... hoping to win !!

Jenny had also nearly finished off her Robyn Alexander needlecase and scissor poke which we did on the Needlework Cruise .... I loved working on this piece and have nearly finished off mine too !

And Sue made this cute little canvas pyramid hanger for her scissors !


  1. such beautiful projects,well done ladies.xx

  2. The raffle quilt is very pretty. The needle case and scissor holder is truly beautifully stitched. Hugs Judy

  3. Quilt is so pretty. And I love, love the RA project - so cute!

  4. These quilts are lovely.
    I am amazed by the beautiful work on the scissor hanger. So detailed !

  5. Lovely colours in those quilts


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