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Love that God blessed me with a creative gift to share! Love creating new embroidery, needlework and patchwork projects of all kinds! Passionate about my family and my faith. Love where we live on the south coast! Wish I had more time to be creative!!

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I'm stitching ....

I'm stitching ....
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Monday, April 1, 2013


I did manage to finish my pincushion for the Stitch A Long group before the end of March, but with the house full of visitors I have only got to downloading photos from my camera this evening ... here is my pincushion from Anni Downs book "Some Kind of Wonderful" .... with a little variation ... I added a button centre .... and used a patterned fabric rather than pieced squares ....

We have enjoyed browsing through some more wedding photos over the weekend and I just loved this photo of one of the bouquets ....

Beautiful sunrise over Easter ....

This tiny tiny quilt with lots and lots of hexagons was completed by one of the Queanbeyan ladies who came to visit a few weeks ago ....

And this is Jenny's colourful quilt which she recently finished ....  it's back to work tomorrow after the Easter break and the past week off work ..... thank you again to everyone for your kind messages and prayers for our family .... they were very much appreciated  xxxx 


  1. cute pin cushion Fiona and lovely work from the ladies.xx

  2. Fiona: Happy Easter: I love your pi n cushion, a person cannot have enough pin cushions, they are the rage.
    I love the quilts, very pretty.
    My favorite picture is the sun riseoln Esater Sunday.


  3. That quilt from the Queanbeyan ladies is a marvel!

  4. Your pincushion looks great...love the little hexies!

  5. I love that hexi quilt... so fiddly and pretty! And your sunset pic is gorgeous!!


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