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Sunday, May 19, 2013


Browsing through this Italian cookbook inspired me for last nights dinner for 9 .... almost all the family home makes for a great occasion .... an Italian feast and a late Mothers Day/Birthday celebration !!

The makings of veal parmesan ....   after having made fresh pesto dip and a tangy lemon raspberry cake for dessert !! 

Someone (with the flu I might add) having a paddle on his new paddle board with the kids ...

Some lovely birthday flowers from my husband ...

Gorgeous scented hyacinths in a glass bowl from a friend ...

A perfect rose ....


  1. sounds like the perfect day Fiona.xx

  2. That looks delicious and the flowers are beautiful

  3. Looks like a wonderful meal. Those flowers are amazing!!

  4. Yumm! Glad you had a nice birthday!


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