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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Friends in Stitching Swap

Having just returned from Sydney this afternoon, I was excited to find my package from my "Friends in Stitching" swap partner .... Fiona R from Dragonfly Crafts !!    I have been very spoilt by my namesake!!    This gorgeous sewing keeper is my gift in the "travel swap" we have just had !

This is the inside with fabulous fabric and a couple of pockets !

One of the pockets had some treats !!   

Another pocket held this lovely folded needle case !

And inside the needlecase are some threads, scissors and places for my needles!  It's lovely Fiona ... thankyou !!  

I had a quick trip to the Craft Fair in Sydney on Friday afternoon and will share some of those photos tomorrow !   Hope you all had a lovely weekend !!


  1. Fantastic gifts from Fee...it was such a good swap...

  2. love the fabric combination and the cute design on the front

  3. So glad you like my little kits I made for you Fiona :-)
    I had SO much fun making them.

  4. Ohhh such a gorgeous swap pressie!!! Lovely!!


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