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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Christmas Bird Cushion and Sunrise

I have been quietly putting together my projects and notes for our "Stitching in the Hills" Retreat at the beginning of August and they are SECRET !!   So I can't share with you just yet !!   But here is a little cushion I have made which we are doing this week at Needlework ....  I love the very naive painted button I found in my stash to add to this one !

And a spectacular sunrise here on the south coast .....   

We did fit in some training for UK on the weekend and ended up down the coast with a spectacular view for lunch !

And my walking buddy !

Lots of cute wildlife along the way ... this little wallaby was very curious as to what we were doing in her territory ...

And the view coming back down the hill ... can you see the beautiful coastline in the distance ?  18.5km total distance covered .... a good training session !! 


  1. stunning pics Fiona,love the sunset one and your cushion is very cute.xx

  2. Your walking is very inspiring, keep up the good work.

  3. The pillow is wonderful. What a lovely sunrise and wonderful hiking pics. Are you doing a walking tour in England? I would love to do that one day.

  4. Love the little cushion,and that is some walking well done you.

  5. Lovely cushion and wonderful trip photos.:)


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