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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back at work ....

Day 3 back at work and I am definitely missing the beach, my kids and my afternoon siestas !!!   However this is the view that greets me each morning at work so its not too bad to put up with !

Hit the ground running back at work after 2 weeks off so am too tired at night to do anything at the moment but have dinner, a cup of tea and hit the pillow!   Here is the makings of a crochet rug which Ashleigh is making which she pulled out while she was here over Christmas ....   I taught her this design a few months ago and it is the same design my Gran taught me when I was 10!   I love it!

This is a bit of a close up of her first attempts at crocheting .... I'm thinking this may well turn into a little blanket for her baby which is due in March ....

Cooking related projects don't feature terribly often on my blog .... but this Lemon Meringue Pie was a hit on Sunday night .... pretty happy how it turned out .... and it tasted even better !!


  1. Your daughter is doing a wonderful job with her crocheting and how yummy does that pie look,well done.xx

  2. So wonderful that you are passing down the design and craft. It looks lovely so far. That pie looks great!

  3. Very talented daughter you have there....yummo....

  4. My goodness, what a view. I have windows but they only look int the atrium at work. Do you work at a marina?

  5. Lovely view! I should like to rest my eyes on it whilst eating a piece of that pie :)

  6. Worth going to work for the view but I so agree about how tired you would be feeling this week. I found it so difficult to stay awake (and motivated) each day. The pie looks delicious.


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