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Canvas Biscornu

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More Needlework Cruise Photos

I did take lots of photos on the Needlework Cruise and thought I would share some more with you .... I loved this gorgeous old Husqvarna sewing machine on display in the Ribbon Rose shop ...

And the display of red bits and pieces was gorgeous ....

I want one of every colour please !

Cottage Flair shop was full of ladies from the Needlework Cruise ... what a delightful stop that was!

Annette working on her canvas work piece ...

And Patricia enjoying the art of canvas work embroidery ...

Amazing old trees .... just beautiful ....

The Cottage Flair shop had a sign out welcoming all the ladies on the Needlework Cruise ...

Our ship at dock in the harbour waiting for us to return with all our shopping !!

The ladies did a fantastic job on their Embroidered Sewing Boxes .... a work in progress !

Denise was thrilled with her finish !

Patricia and Annette happy to show their finished canvas work pieces !

When not working some of the tutors and friends got together to stitch in  lovely lounge which overlooked the pools on the ship ... here is Rose, Jane, Gail, Chrissie and Sylvia ...

Judy Newman of "A Very Fine House" made these gorgeous little hexagon bags which were for sale ... some of the tutors were lucky enough to take one home ... this is Chrissies !

More stitching moments with Jane, Gail, Judy, Lisa, Chrissie and Sylvia .... (we really did go to work on that Cruise!!)

Some of my ladies enjoying one of their classes in the dining room ...

And I'm happy to share with the world that Judy Ducket has now mastered the art of bullion stitch!!!   And she was pretty pleased about that !! 

Here are Karen, Kim, Gayle and Lee-Anne working on their canvas work pieces !

One of our formal dinners and the ladies at our table .. Sylvia, Daisy, me, Lisa, Christine, Gail, Chrissie and Wendy .... such lovely ladies to spend time with !

Ruth did a beautiful job of finishing off her Embroidered Sewing Basket lid ... it looks fabulous !


  1. Oh my, a stitching dream come true!

  2. Really pretty photos. Thank you for sharing.


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