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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Beautiful Gifts .....

I have been a little bit spoilt by some lovely friends over the past few days and I want to show you some of my gorgeous gifts .... this one came from Sue who is a friend but was also a student on the Needlework Cruise in February.   I lent her an embroidery hoop and she returned it this week in the mail with a gorgeous little scented cushion she has stitched based on an 1832 sampler she saw on a day out in Hobart .... its just beautiful Sue .... I love it ..... thank you  xxxx 

Sylvia made this lovely little zippered purse for me .... this is the front ....

And this is the back ... beautiful Japanese taupes in hexagons ...  another beautiful gift .... thank you !

On her recent trip to Japan she bought me this cute little wooden box .....

And inside is a little sewing set with the tiniest pincushion in the top right hand corner ....  something for the avid stitcher !!

Some of the ladies who attended the Stitching Day in Canberra last Saturday enquired about the quilt which my Tuesday night ladies had made for me .... here is a picture of Jed on my "grandparents quilt" ..... this was a few weeks back (and he is now 10 weeks old today)  ....

And here is the pattern which the quilt was based on .....  ABC Boys Quilt by Red Brolly .... the ladies had changed a few things on the quilt and added a couple of designs from the ABC Girls Quilt by Red Brolly .... I just love it! 


  1. what awesome gifts you received Fiona and your little Jed is growing so fast.xx

  2. Love the sewing kit from Japan ... Beautiful stitched gifts too!

  3. They are beautiful gifts. I hope you have a lovely birthday and fantastic holiday. Seems like so e wonderful people are born in May ;)


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