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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Natalie Bird Workshop

Yesterday I had a quick trip to Hobbysew Belconnen in Canberra to join in the Natalie Bird workshop with a few of the stitching ladies .... here we are enjoying a day of stitching and friendship ....  me, Paddy, Audrey and Sylvia ....

I caught Audrey doing a little bit of shopping and looking at Natalie's display of her projects ...

Such a lovely array of patterns and fabrics to tempt ....

I did love the bag pattern made up in Anni Downs new fabrics .... so yes .... both came home with me!

This is a beautiful quilt with stitching and patchwork made by Natalie ...

Afternoon tea was very tempting ....

And here are lots of familiar faces enjoying stitching, with Natalie on the top left of the picture with her head down working .... it was a lovely day .... thank you to Najelle and Terrie from Hobbysew for hosting such a delightful day ....  I will post pictures of my finished project shortly I hope !!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your finished project Fiona. Natalie such a gorgeous person too, she does have some lovely things, i think i have made one of everything in her Red Home book .

  2. I love Natalie's designs! looks like a great day! I have just finished the stitcheries for the quilt (pictured) so must get on to the piecing and get it finished.....now to choose the fabrics.....that will keep me busy for ages.....Procrastination is my middle name I think!

  3. Looks Like a perfect way to spend the day Fiona....Lots of temptations there....Hugs Kate


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