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Sunday, May 4, 2014


It was a very chilly and rainy celebration in Canberra yesterday for our second Stitching on the Lake Day and celebration of 10 years of stitching days !    We gathered together with a lovely group of women and here are some of the original ladies who were with us for our first Stitching on the Lake Day in April 2004 !!   And we don't look a day older !!!   Celia, Elaine, Diane, Lianne, Michelle, Judy, Jane and Margaret, with Sylvia and I in front .... and the beautiful white chocolate mud cake which Lynne had made for our celebrations !

With all the other ladies stitching in the background !

Judy has been to every one of our stitching days so we talked her into cutting the cake ! 

This was one of Anni Downs cute designs which Chris had made .... but the saying is so appropriate for us all .... Life is what you make it !!

All the ladies happily stitching away the day ....

The food was amazing again .... thank you so much Lynne .... we all enjoyed fabulous morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea !!

Little white chocolate mud cakes !!

We were fortunate to have a little shop at the Hobbysew stall which was looked after by Bec for the day and all enjoyed a fabulous day !    Our organisation is now in plan for our "Stitching in the Hills" Retreat weekend which is to be held on the 1st to 3rd August in the hills outside Canberra !   Emails will be going out to the ladies coming this week, but if you haven't booked and would like to come, there are still a few spots left !   Email me if you are interested !


  1. Looks like you ladies are making a pretty great life for yourselves! :D I'm so glad you all make the time to get together.

  2. congrats ladies on your 10 years and it looks so much fun.xx

  3. Thank you for sharing. It always makes me smile when i see ladies stitching together. Life is what you make it is beautiful.


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