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Love my family and my faith .. love being "Biccy" to our grandchildren, love being creative ... embroidery, needlework, patchwork, quilting .....love the beach and sand between my toes ... love to read ... love where we live on the South Coast of New South Wales .... love exploring the great outdoors .... travel and tropical islands ..... recently retired and looking forward to finishing all my UFO's .......

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Garden Inspiration and .... New York !!

Wandering around my garden this morning in the sunshine with a cup of coffee and everything is looking a whole lot different with the sun shining on it ......

We have lots of native plants in our garden and I am always amazed by the work that went into the creation of these .... they are simply stunning !

Another spray of orchids has appeared from the pot that I don't do anything to ... and then it produces the most amazing orchids for me !! 

Monday week we are heading off to New York to visit our son, Sam and his gorgeous Nadia !!   Looking forward to relaxing on the plane .... which I might just need after the last couple of weeks !!

After a Skype session with them this morning he asked if we could bring his basketball shoes over ... first thing that will be going into the bag !!

So looking forward to catching up with them .... we haven't seen them for so long as they left at the beginning of the year to work in New York for 2 years !!

But before all that excitement ....  Sylvia and I are holding our annual Retreat "Stitching in the Hills" from Friday to Sunday this coming week just outside Canberra.  We are really looking forward to catching up with lots of the ladies for an enjoyable weekend !   I love the range of fabrics we have chosen to use for this Retreat .... here is a little sneak peek !!    Now finished off name tags and kits all done .... so we are ready for you ladies !! 

And I'm trying to finish off a couple of small gifts to take to friends in the USA while we are over there ... so my little Bernina is getting a bit of a work out this morning !    Hopefully I'll get onto some packing shortly !!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A quiet week ....

Having had the flu this week, I have not been productive at all, have had 2 days off work, and haven't even felt like picking up a needle and thread.  Hopefully that will change this weekend!   If I could just get rid of this headache !!   However, all was brightened yesterday at work when a happy client bought in a beautiful bunch of flowers .... it made a Friday at work with a cold a little more bearable!!   She must have known about my orange addiction !! 

I'm trying to be sneaky here .... but there is a little bit of embroidery tucked away in these flowers !! 

With our "Stitching in the Hills" Retreat only 2 weeks away I have had lots of requests to share the projects we will be working on .... unfortunately I can't ... but here is a tiny glimpse of something ... using the gorgeous Mirabelle range of fabrics from Moda ....  what could this be ??

Search for a button this morning from this cute little sewing tin I recently bought at Hobbysew in Belconnen ... a must have .... and surprise surprise ... there were another two tins inside !!

Some boxes and packages all ready for the "Stitching in the Hills" Retreat !!    

And to brighten up this very cold and windy day on the South Coast ....  here is a cute little zebra .... Jed .....this photo was taken last week before I came down with the flu .... so I haven't even seen him this week .... but I look at this and smile .... hope you have a lovely weekend .... wherever you are and whatever you may be doing !!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Birthday to Ash

Yesterday 4th July was Ashleigh's 28th birthday .... here she is at her wedding with her gorgeous Tim in December 2012 ....    We had a lovely birthday celebration dinner last night at their new home .... which is just around the corner from us .... so it is just lovely to have them close by ....

And it's hard to believe she is now a beautiful mumma to this gorgeous little boy ... Jed ... and he won my heart all over again the other day when he called in and bought me a beautiful bunch of poppies for letting him stay with us for a month ....  I couldn't tell him it really wasn't a chore !!

A spectacular sunny morning greeted us on the South Coast of NSW this morning ... we were the only ones walking our dogs along the beach and it was just divine ....

And a quick visit on the way home from the beach to Ash, Tim and Jed ... and we found him bouncing around in a jolly jumper for the first time .... he was having a great time !!

I'm still putting together Stitching in the Hills projects so I have no stitching to share .... maybe tomorrow .....   Enjoy your weekend !! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Playing with Fabrics

This is a rare day off work for me .... Needlwork is in recess for the School Holidays here in New South Wales .... so I have a whole day to play in my sewing room !!   Sitting on top of my grandmother's old Singer sewing machine is a little bundle of fabric I bought recently ....

Yes .... it's Anni Downs new range of fabrics .... I love the colours and designs on all of these gorgeous prints ....

I have particularly fallen in love with this sewing fabric ....

But what I'm really doing here today is putting my final touches on my projects for the "Stitching in the Hills" Weekend Retreat which is on 1st to 3rd August .... so now less than a month away !!   To let a small secret out of the bag ... we are using the gorgeous "Mirabelle" range of fabrics by Moda !  Here is a tempting little bit of eye candy for you all ! For those ladies joining us, you will be receiving an email or letter within the next day or so with final instructions and directions for our very special Weekend Retreat !!

And one of those projects requires a bit of filling .... this is how my fibre fill bag looked earlier this morning .... I have this bag sitting on my shelf and fill it with fibre fill from the plastic bag .... just because it looks nicer than the plastic bag !!

It now looks like this ....   whatever could I be making for the Retreat ?   That remains a secret until the day !!