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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Birthday to Ash

Yesterday 4th July was Ashleigh's 28th birthday .... here she is at her wedding with her gorgeous Tim in December 2012 ....    We had a lovely birthday celebration dinner last night at their new home .... which is just around the corner from us .... so it is just lovely to have them close by ....

And it's hard to believe she is now a beautiful mumma to this gorgeous little boy ... Jed ... and he won my heart all over again the other day when he called in and bought me a beautiful bunch of poppies for letting him stay with us for a month ....  I couldn't tell him it really wasn't a chore !!

A spectacular sunny morning greeted us on the South Coast of NSW this morning ... we were the only ones walking our dogs along the beach and it was just divine ....

And a quick visit on the way home from the beach to Ash, Tim and Jed ... and we found him bouncing around in a jolly jumper for the first time .... he was having a great time !!

I'm still putting together Stitching in the Hills projects so I have no stitching to share .... maybe tomorrow .....   Enjoy your weekend !! 


  1. What a lovely and warm post of your family.

  2. Looks just like paradise down there! It is chilly here in Canberra. Lovely photos of little Jed too. Fancy Ash being 28!

  3. Lovely pictures, Happy Birthday to Ashleigh, grammy has such a beautiful baby in her arms and the little smile on his face says she is my grammy all mine.
    Love it.


  4. happy birthday to her and the baby is adorable

  5. happy birthday to your DD Fiona and your little man is so cute.xx

  6. Such a wonderful family! Happy birthday to Ash!


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