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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Playing with Fabrics

This is a rare day off work for me .... Needlwork is in recess for the School Holidays here in New South Wales .... so I have a whole day to play in my sewing room !!   Sitting on top of my grandmother's old Singer sewing machine is a little bundle of fabric I bought recently ....

Yes .... it's Anni Downs new range of fabrics .... I love the colours and designs on all of these gorgeous prints ....

I have particularly fallen in love with this sewing fabric ....

But what I'm really doing here today is putting my final touches on my projects for the "Stitching in the Hills" Weekend Retreat which is on 1st to 3rd August .... so now less than a month away !!   To let a small secret out of the bag ... we are using the gorgeous "Mirabelle" range of fabrics by Moda !  Here is a tempting little bit of eye candy for you all ! For those ladies joining us, you will be receiving an email or letter within the next day or so with final instructions and directions for our very special Weekend Retreat !!

And one of those projects requires a bit of filling .... this is how my fibre fill bag looked earlier this morning .... I have this bag sitting on my shelf and fill it with fibre fill from the plastic bag .... just because it looks nicer than the plastic bag !!

It now looks like this ....   whatever could I be making for the Retreat ?   That remains a secret until the day !! 


  1. Lovely fabrics...... Have fun.... Goodluck getting thosemystery projects finished.......

  2. Fiona: What alovely bundle of colors and prints, I love the bag so pretty.


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