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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big Sky, Montana

Well this is definitely the opposite end of the spectrum from New York!!  Absolutely stunning scenery, beautiful walking trails and we are loving staying with my sister Wendy and her husband Greg at their holiday home in Big Sky.   As a serious skiing family they spend lots of time here in winter but happened to be here for a few weeks as we were crossing back to the west coast, so we came to visit for 5 days ......  This morning before breakfast we hiked up to Bee Hive Trailhead through spectacular scenery and came upon a moose and her baby ....

There is a great view from every room in the house and this morning as I stepped out of the shower this little Elk was looking through the window ....

Summer is nearly ending here but there are a few stunning wild flowers out and some gorgeous baskets and pots of flowers in the village ....

The church in the village is a picture and the hanging baskets outside the restaurant tonight were gorgeous .... Dinner was an experience ....  Elk burgers, Bison Ravioli and David enjoyed a full rack of ribs !!


  1. yet more fab adventures! Beautiful location!

  2. Love that mountain view from the dining area Fiona...makes me want to be there!


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