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Recently finished ....
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

"Natures Journey" Stitch A Long

I have again joined the Stitch A Long group to stitch this years project which is Anni Downs new quilt "Natures Journey" .... Anni of "Hatched and Patched" has only just finished the quilt and is writing and printing the patterns at present,  so we don't even have a full photo at present .... but here are a couple of  snap shots provided by Anni to give you a bit of an idea ....

I always love the fabrics and colours in Anni's quilts and this will be my fourth Stitch A Long quilt which will hopefully be completed by the end of this year !!   If all goes according to plan !!

If you want to find out about joining the Stitch A Long group run by Chookyblue, you can check it out here!    And because the pattern isn't quite available yet for Natures Journey (so don't ring and hassle Anni Downs about that) Chookyblue has provided us with a little project to keep us busy for January ... with the plan that we start making the quilt in February !    The little stitchery is a free stitchery from Anni Downs at http://hatchedandpatched.typepad.com/hatchedandpatched/2014/12/a-free-pattern-for-christmas.html

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  1. so pleased you have joined the SAL again..............


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