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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Stitching Bag

As part of our Friends in Stitching swap we each received a small stitchery to complete (before the beginning of March) and make into something useful.   I received this cute little Rosalie Quinlan design from Roseanne (Razzy) for my small gift and decided it was simple stitching to do over a couple of nights .... now completed ....

And made into a handy sewing bag ... and way ahead of the March date for completion!!!  Pretty happy with that !!    And as she had lovely polka dot wings, I found some nice blue polka dot fabric to make the bag from.  Lined and with a ribbon ... all done !! 

And so after 2 weeks holidays, we are back to work tomorrow .... we are going to miss our morning swims and time at the beach and playing with Jed ... who has taken to surfing like a duck to water ... which is just as well as he has been born into a keen surfing family ..... I'll leave you with this cute photo taken the other morning .... standing up and surfing with his dad at 10 months of age !!


  1. Ah Jed is looking like a pro already! Nice stitching bag... I wonder how many you have now lol!

  2. Jed is soooo beautiful and just look at him surfing with his dad. Before you know he will be off to school. Enjoy these precious moments with him. We have 2 lovely Grandies, Bianka started school 2014 and her brother Korban starts in 2015 - very very soon. It only seems like yesterday that we welcomed them into our family. Only 13 months apart.


  3. What a gorgeous photo of your son and grandson Fiona. Your stitchery and bag look wonderful too. Cheers, Tracy

  4. Jed looks like a pro already. He is tougher than me, I found the water on the south coast a bit too cool! Cute bag.


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