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Recently finished ....
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stitch A Long Blocks for February finished !!

I have been busy at work and busy at play .... the playing bit is my stitching time !!   Although I cannot show what I have been working on because they are projects for our upcoming "Stitching on the Lake" days in Canberra on Saturday 28th March and Saturday 11 April 2015 !!    If you are interested in coming, please leave a comment below or email me and I will provide you with some details !!     But something I can show you are the blocks I have completed for February for the Natures Journey Stitch A Long .....

This is such a lovely project to work on and I have ordered the Block of the Month from Anni Downs at Hatched and Patched .... I love all of the fabrics Anni has used in her quilt so I went straight to the source to get my fabrics ....

I love all the little blocks but have changed a few to small hearts which I liked the look of better than the pattern .... I always have to change something I know !!!    And I have stitched "2015" because I have complete confidence that I will finish it this year !! 


  1. I love seeing your blocks, the background fabric I realy like !
    Saw them already on the stitch-a-long blog. I'm not a member there but I follow all the messages.
    I'm going to start this quilt too, going to buy my backgrounds fabrics today and then I can begin with it.


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