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Monday, June 1, 2015

Birthday Gifts and a Birthday Surprise

I have received some lovely gifts for my birthday ... here are a couple ... Sarah has made me this gorgeous little journal .... covered in orange buttons ....  it came wrapped up in one of my favourite fabrics ....

She knows all about my orange fetish !!   Thanks so much Sarah .... I love it !!

And in keeping with the orange theme, Shirley found me this lovely felted orange purse to keep bits and pieces in, an orange fat quarter of fabric and (another love of mine) an Anni Downs "Inspiration Pack" to play with !!   Thankyou Shirley xx

Our youngest, Chelsea,  turned 25 on Friday (which makes me feel a little bit old) so we decided to surprise her with a visit to Townsville ... and we took Ashleigh and Jed with us .... we surprised her and her fiancé Kye as they had lunch at Longboards on the Strand .... Kye was in on the surprise ! Chelsea is on the left, with Ashleigh in the middle and baby Jed, who is now 15 months old! 

We all had a lovely dinner at home on Friday night to celebrate !

The flowers in the tropics always amaze me ... so vibrant and full of colour !

We walked for miles around the river  .... here are David and I ... enjoying the warm weather !

A celebration dinner out on Saturday evening on the waterfront !

And last cuddles before leaving yesterday afternoon .... plans are in full swing for the December wedding of these two ... so we are all looking forward to that!


  1. Happy birthday. Lovely family photos. Your zest for life and dedication to your happy family is truly inspiring.

  2. Happy Birthday Fiona: Love package you have received.
    Beautiful photos of your family.


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