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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sydney Quilt and Craft Fair

I had a great but busy time at the Craft Fair in Sydney this week .... Enjoyed my "working" days with Jane, Cally and Chris on the BeBe Bold stand which was busy busy busy ..... And loved that lots of people stopped by to say hello !! 

So busy that I hardly had time to shop  ..... Perhaps a good thing !!   I did have a quick look at the quilts late one afternoon ....  Some beautiful inspiration here .....   And I loved the 50 years of flower power display .......

Such gorgeous quilts .....

Loved this gorgeous Wendy Williams quilt which one a prize !!

A clever book case display quilt .... Amazing ! 

And this lovely little wall quilt had such beautiful quilting ....

Another award winner !! 

I came home late Friday and had a workshop to teach yesterday down south .... Here are some of the ladies enjoying stitching@bodalla .... A lovely day of friendship, fun and food (thank you Jenny for the delicious food we enjoyed) ! 

It was nice to have my brother visit us overnight .... Jed was fascinated that Mark is learning the sax at 60 years of age !!    And then he and David had a play on Elliott's old guitar !! 


  1. Fiona: What a lovely post, I just love to see Family enjoying themselves, good for your brother, learning is always a good thing at any age.
    I can tell you had a good class, all the ladies looks so happy.
    The Flower Power is so sweet.
    Love the quilts.
    Thank-you for sharing with us.


  2. some gorgeous quilts there thanks for sharing............glad you had a nice busy time with Jane..........

  3. Love the bookcase quilt! Very different.. Jed is so big!


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