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Monday, July 20, 2015

Another busy week

Time seems to fly at present between work, wedding organisation, Monday's with Jed, life in general and trying to fit in some stitching !!! It is just over 3 weeks till we head off to New York to celebrate with the newly engaged couple, then on to a friends 60th birthday celebration in Paris ... An invitation too good to pass up!!!  I have been stitching for our Retreat in September and it's a surprise!!!!  But in between have put together my Natures Journey block for JuLy .... Now to stitch it !!!

Two of our children are building houses at present .... Slab has been poured on one and the roof and brickwork are completed on the other. It is lovely to think that they will both be in their houses before Christmas and the wedding on 5th December !! 

Chelsea and Kye are building a McDonald Jones home south of Sydney .... Roof is on theirs !!! 

Slab for the garage was poured on Saturday for Ash and Tim and Jeds new home just around the corner from us !!! 

A bike riding cutie came to visit yesterday ....

And here it is .... Monday again ... And we are dancing and playing and having fun !!!! 


  1. I love your Natures Journey block - reminds me that I need to do mine too :-)
    Have fun with your family and friends. Love your happy photos.

  2. Lovely pictures, Fiona. So exciting about the houses!

  3. Love your July Block it is lovely.
    Good luck on your trips.
    Congratulations on the new homes.
    Jed is so adorable.


  4. I just love your Block...that is so pretty.

    Congratulations to the New homes that your Sons are building...wow...

    Jed is so cute and so adorable....I am glad that he wore a Bike Helmet...that is the first time that I've seen a small child like that wear a Bike Helmet. Very Smart thing to do.

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Railroad


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