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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Needlework Finishes

This week sees the last of our Needlework days for this year ... we are finishing up a week earlier than usual as our youngest daughter gets married in two weeks .... and there is a little bit of organising to do !!!      Here are the happy couple celebrating a little while ago ....  We are looking forward to a fun weekend of family, friends and celebrations in 2 weeks, with our son Sam and his fiancé, Nadia,  flying in from New York, the other son, Elliott and his Andrea flying in from Perth and I will just be the mother hen clucking around them all !!

Lots of lovely finishes to be shown at Needlework this week ... Jennie has finally completed her Leanne Beasley quilt .... sooooo much stitching in this and such amazing colours .. it looks fantastic !

A close up of the centre using some wonderful dyed fabrics ....

And all that stitching around the border !!    This inspires me to get mine out and finish it off !!

Shirley F  has finished this lovely house quilt for someone special ....

It has been beautifully quilted by Debbie too !

Jennie has also finished this gorgeous Christmas hanging .... lovely colours for Christmas cheer !

And Julie has knitted .... yes knitted .... a log cabin blanket .... it looks amazing !!

Kereen is a member of the local Janome club and has finished off four table runners for gifts !

We are all looking forward to celebrating next week with our end of year dinner on Tuesday (for the Tuesday night ladies) and lunch on Wednesday (for the Wednesday ladies) .... it has been a great year of creativity and friendship and I'm looking forward to our get togethers !!


  1. The quilts are amazing. Congratulations to the lovely couple.

  2. Fiona: Please congratulate the couple for me, your daughter is beautiful.
    What a lovely bunch of quilts, such beautiful colors.


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