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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Kite surfing

After all the excitement of the wedding of Chelsea and Kye last week and engagement party of Sam and Nadia yesterday, today was a day of relaxing ... sort of ... a morning walk with the dogs around the headlands then back down to the beach this afternoon to watch our second son, Elliott, who is visiting from Western Australia, take advantage of the wind and get in a little kite surfing ....

Living on the south coast of New South Wales, we get our fair share of north easterly winds throughout the summer and this afternoon was one of those days ....

I was exhausted watching ... but it is one of his favourite past times when the surf isn't up !

Ash and Jed came down to watch him as well .... and Jed couldn't quite get the concept of the kite with Elliott attached to it !

A bit wild and woolly at the beach ... but a nice way to spend the afternoon !   

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