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Love that God blessed me with a creative gift to share! Love creating new embroidery, needlework and patchwork projects of all kinds! Passionate about my family and my faith. Love where we live on the south coast! Wish I had more time to be creative!!

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"She who sews with courtesy reaps friendship and she who sews with kindness finds love"

Canvas Biscornu

Canvas Biscornu

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Embroidered Garland

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Recently finished ....
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Monday, July 27, 2015

I Pad Cover

I have finished my version of Natalie Birds I Pad Pouch ..... Done in my favourite French General fabrics ....

I'm also playing around with some hexies  for Christmas ....  They are tiny ones and red of course !!

And it's a Monday fun day with this little chap today .... Italian for lunch .... Went down a treat !! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Another busy week

Time seems to fly at present between work, wedding organisation, Monday's with Jed, life in general and trying to fit in some stitching !!! It is just over 3 weeks till we head off to New York to celebrate with the newly engaged couple, then on to a friends 60th birthday celebration in Paris ... An invitation too good to pass up!!!  I have been stitching for our Retreat in September and it's a surprise!!!!  But in between have put together my Natures Journey block for JuLy .... Now to stitch it !!!

Two of our children are building houses at present .... Slab has been poured on one and the roof and brickwork are completed on the other. It is lovely to think that they will both be in their houses before Christmas and the wedding on 5th December !! 

Chelsea and Kye are building a McDonald Jones home south of Sydney .... Roof is on theirs !!! 

Slab for the garage was poured on Saturday for Ash and Tim and Jeds new home just around the corner from us !!! 

A bike riding cutie came to visit yesterday ....

And here it is .... Monday again ... And we are dancing and playing and having fun !!!! 

Monday, July 13, 2015

A fun Monday with this little cutie

Monday is Jed day !!! What a joy it is to spend a whole day playing and reading and building and cooking and eating with this little treasure ! 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Congratulations Sam and Nadia

A very special cause for celebration today .... A phone call and then a Skype session from New York and Sam our eldest announced his beautiful Nadia had said yes to the big question he asked of her ... We are thrilled and delighted and cannot wait to celebrate with them next month when we visit New York !

Rooftop celebrations this evening in New York .... After popping the question during a jog along the Hudson River ....

Sunny days ahead ......  Too much work and secret stitching mean that I have not much stitching to show but I aim to remedy that over the next week or so ....

A gorgeous sunset as I left the office on Friday afternoon .....

A fun visit to a friends farm last weekend ..... Ash, Tim and Jed ....

Jed loved the cows and new baby calves and the chickens .....

And enjoyed a special birthday breakfast for his mum .....

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Ash

Happy birthday today to our eldest daughter Ashleigh ... 29 years ago you graced us with your presence, very early in the wee hours of the morning .... and we have been blessed with a beautiful soul both inside and out .... you are now a beautiful mumma to our gorgeous Jed, a fantastic wife to Tim and still remain our baby girl .... love you to the moon and back !  This is one of my favourite photos from your wedding day 1 December 2012 xx