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Monday, April 4, 2016

Needlework Cruise

It's so nice to be back home after 12 nights on the Needlework Cruise!  I had a lovely time teaching lots of wonderful ladies as we cruised through the Pacific Islands stopping off in Noumea, New Caledonia and Fiji .... I really was working even if it doesn't look like it !!

Home for 12 nights was the Celebrity Solstice ! 

It was great to catch up snd meet lots of ladies from around Australia and New Zealand and even some from as far away as England ! 

Some of the ladies stitching with the wonderful view !

It was great to see Annette again who had joined my classes 2 years ago on the previous cruise and who came back again !

The Easter Bunny even found us at sea!!

Jane managed to finish off her projects from my first class !! 

Some days were harder to take than others !!

Some of our time off was spent stitching in the sunshine with a fantastic view ! 

Our sale night was fun !!

The food was amazing !   Ps. I am now on a diet !!!!

And then we arrived back in Sydney Harbour !

I had a great time with Gail Pan (thanks for being my room buddy Gail) and Brenda and Leila too!  Lots of laughs and good times ladies !! 

So nice to be back with my husband who I missed a bit too much !!!

And enjoying a weekend of wedding planning with Elliott and Andrea who flew over from Perth for a couple of days ! 

Looking forward to April 2017 to celebrate their wedding !! 


  1. I hope it's ok to be a wee bit jealous! What a wonderful cruise and I am happy for all the ladies who were able to sail with you. Your getting home activities were maybe even better, though!

  2. All looked wonderful Fiona and your comment about missing your a bit too much probably baulks me from doing such a trip but hey I may change my mind on that score, you all looked great and very very relaxed, its a wonderful idea...happy sewing, Lyn

  3. what a wonderful cruise...........


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