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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Finally stitching !!

I'm happy to say I have spent an hour at my machine this afternoon after having done no stitching for almost a month !!  It feels good to be back in the chair after s back issue and way too many days and nights of lying flat on the floor !!  It was great to get back to Needlework on Wednesdsy morning too !! 

Sally has done a great job of her canvas work !!   This is the front ....

And the back .... It looks wonderful Sally !! 

I had a visit south to the doctors too and managed to fit in a quick trip to Stephs in Moruya .... Such a gorgeous shop !!

There were a few little bits and pieces I needed to bring home with me .... Not the least of which was my machine which Steph had kindly fixed for me !! 

And she is now purring like a dream .... Thanks Steph and Cheryl !! 

So many lovely tempting fabrics and patterns ....  I just needed to bring this one home for a little boy ...  Or maybe 2 little boys ...

It's always lovely to catch up with Steph .... do visit if you are down on the south coast .... she can now tempt you with her fantastic little coffee spot too !! 

And what have I been putting together this afternoon ??   This handy little stitching bag which we will be doing this week or next week at Needlework ! 



  1. Lovely sewing Fiona and the quilt shop looks very tempting, have a long drive from Brissie to NSW south coast love it down there, happy sewing...have a great week.

  2. So glad you are feeling better. It’s never nice to miss out on stitching! :-)

  3. So delicate and the stitching bag is fabulous. Have a great week

  4. what a great shop to visit.........
    hope the back stays good now.....take care of it........


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