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Love that God blessed me with a creative gift to share! Love creating new embroidery, needlework and patchwork projects of all kinds! Passionate about my family and my faith. Love where we live on the south coast! Wish I had more time to be creative!!

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"She who sews with courtesy reaps friendship and she who sews with kindness finds love"

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Canvas Biscornu

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Embroidered Garland

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Recently finished ....
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Lots of lovely finishes at Needlework this week ...

Double sided table runner by Marie ... Made at a recent class ... Oriental side ..

Reverse side .... Indigenous .... What a great idea Marie ...

A very very cute Christmas stocking by Marie also for a special little person ...

I'll have to make a stocking for Clay for this Christmas !! Whoops .... I got side tracked .... Back to stitching ....

Asta made this gorgeous felted little basket ... Very cute ! 

And here she is peeking out from behind this wonderful quilt she has made for someone very special ! 

Chris has been working on this special cross stitch and finally put the finishing stitch in on Tuesday night !  

And here are some of the ladies who made morning tea this morning .... What a beautiful display ... Shame I'm on a diet though !! 

And slightly digressing again .... Beautiful flowers from my husband tonight ....Just because .... 

And here's Jed with his new wheelbarrow ... With a little bit of special cargo .... Clay !!   Way too much cuteness in one photo 💕


  1. Gorgeous photos of the Jed and Clay. Lovely finishes by the stitching girls too.

  2. Great post and beautiful photos. You have a lovely blog.

  3. Great post and beautiful photos. You have a lovely blog.

  4. Fiona: Jed and Clay are truly adorable.
    Love this post lots of lovely things to see.



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