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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Stitching Gems

I finished off this lovely little scissor keeper the other night .... just in time to attach my travel scissors and pack into my "going away" bag .....

It was a lovely kit by Sue Hawkins and came to me all the way from the UK.  I do love her designs and particularly love the colours and painted button which came with this lovely little kit. 

Here are a couple of gorgeous bags made by one of my Needlework ladies over the past couple of weeks .... the colours are great and I love the orange owl !

We have been crocheting up a storm at Needlework also and here is Shirley crocheting up a great length of chain stitch ... there were lots of laughs whilst learning to crochet !   

I was taught to crochet when I was 10 years old (obviously many many years ago) by my grandmother and here is a picture of my sister and I with a rug which we she taught us to crochet.  My sister Wendy and I would sit on the bus on the way to school and crochet a couple of little motifs each day and we each made a rug .... such treasured memories !

Here is a cute photo of Ash and Clay just before they headed off on holidays for a week ... Ash knitted this cute little beanie for him to wear !

And David and I had to call in and say goodbye on our way to work one day last week as they were about to leave for holidays up north and they don't get back until after we depart on our holiday !   A whole month without cuddles with these little boys will be very hard but it will just making coming home all the more special !

We are heading to Italy and Croatia for a couple of weeks so there won't be much stitching happening, but there will lots of fun to be had with my sister and her husband and their adult children!   A week in a villa in Tuscany and a week sailing down the coast of Croatia should bring us some warmer weather and many happy memories !  I will try and post some photos as we go!

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