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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 .... what a year !!

To say 2016 has been full to the brim would be an understatement .... our household has been running at full speed as usual ... and this has been the year we have now made the decision to go at a slower pace in 2017 ....  we have had an amazing year with lots of family highlights, a wonderful holiday, and a little bit of stitching in between ....

January was very exciting and called for celebrations when Elliott and Andrea announced their engagement .... they are moving back to Sydney from Perth in January 2017 so it will be wonderful to celebrate their wedding in April with them in New South Wales ....

February saw our first Stitching Day for the year !   Sylvia and I continued with our stitching days throughout this year and we have had a great time with all the ladies who have been joining us for many years ... and some for not so long ... all united in our enjoyment of stitching and creating friendships as we go ....  I have decided to take a break from my Needlework Group and from the Stitching Days also in 2017 .... perhaps I will now get some projects finished for myself and for our ever growing group of grandchildren too !!

March was fun with a "working" holiday on the "Voyager of the Seas" teaching Needlework to a lovely group of ladies, organised through Needlework Tours.    We visited a few islands in the South Pacific, ate far too much, stitched up a storm and enjoyed meeting lots of new ladies !

April arrived and we welcomed Clay Francis Taplin into our family .... another beautiful boy for Ash and Tim and little brother to a very doting Jed .... and the best part is that they live around the corner from us in their newly built house .... a wonderful treat for us all !

May was my birthday month and although busy, I managed to find time to visit Stephs in Moruya and have a bit of a shop to add to my stash of fabrics .... and I added this great surfers quilt pattern to my list of projects to complete !

June and a visit to the Sydney Craft Show as in order ... always inspiring .... I came away with lots of beautiful memories of lovely quilts and also a little bit more shopping to add to my collection !

In July we all celebrated Ashleigh's 30th birthday at Cupits Winery at Milton .... a beautiful sunny day for the middle of winter .... enjoyed with lots of her friends and family ....

August was AMAZING !!!!   We holidayed in a villa in Tuscany for a week with my sister and her husband and their children and then headed off on a catamaran and sailed around the north coast of Croatia .... the water was stunning .... the weather was warm and it was sooooooo relaxing !!!

The holiday crossed over into September so I couldn't help but share the colour of the water in Croatia which was also AMAZING !!!

Sylvia and I held our "Stitching in the Hills" Retreat in October and had a fabulous weekend with 60 ladies enjoying lots of happy stitching times ....

November arrived and so did Jonah Kysely Hawdon .... our beautiful new grandson and first baby for Elliott and Andrea !   Very dark hair like his mum and so different to our other two grandsons but absolutely gorgeous and we can't wait until they move to Sydney in the New Year and are a little bit closer !

November was a big month with Sam and Nadia arriving home from New York after three years away and then celebrating their wedding at Palm Beach in Sydney ... such a beautiful day surrounded by lots of family and friends ....

One of a couple of beautiful photos shared by Alex the photographer just before Christmas !

And for the first time in a couple of years, we all got to celebrate Christmas together with all our children and their partners and grandchildren .... it doesn't get any more special than this !   So for 2017 we are hoping for more wonderful family times, another holiday, not too much stress at work, and some creative times thrown in too !   Hoping you have the same and thank you for all your lovely comments and emails this year !  Happy New Year !! 


  1. Wow you have been busy, Fiona, when you go through month to month!! Enjoy your 2017!! Asta

  2. Happy New Year Fiona and Family



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