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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Busy January

Well it's been a couple of busy weeks .... again!!   David and Elliott drove across the country from Perth to Sydney with Elliott and Andreas 2 dogs .... it only took them 4 days .... lots of fun and male bonding time !!!  It was great to see them arrive at home safely ... and ready for a swim at the beach!!

I had a few days in Sydney helping Elliott unpack before he started his new posting !!  That was fun but the 40 degree heat was a killer !! 

The boys all cooling off in the waterhole near Chelsea and Kyes place in Sydney ! 

A fabulous morning in Manly with Sam and Nadia who have just moved in to their new place there .... settling back into Sydney life after 3 years in New York !!

Our new vege garden has gone crazy and we are loving all the fresh produce !!! 

Here is Jonah .... looking forward to when he and Andrea arrive from Perth in a couple of weeks!! 

Jed and Clay are looking forward to playing with their cousin too !! 

Perfect beach weather on the weekend !!

Then the wind came up and Elliott went out kite surfing !! 

Jed above and Clay below enjoying a swim in the heat the other day ! 

And my frangipanis are all flowering and looking beautiful !! 

Now I must really get onto some stitching ... Wednesday at home today with the boys .... been to swimming lessons with Jed and now they are both asleep so I might have a cup of tea and a quiet stitch .... who knows how long they will sleep for??