Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fun Times

Wednesdays with Jed and Clay doesn't always happen lately due to work commitments .... but when it does we love it !!!!

This morning at the beach .... even David gets Wednesdays off sometimes !!

We had great fun exploring at the zoo on the weekend too !! 

Clay loved the baby crocodiles !! 

And Jed was impressed with the big crocodiles !!

Beautiful view from my office last week on a clear and sunny day .... hard to be working inside on a day like that !! 

We received this gorgeous thankyou card from Elliott and Andrea who are thrilled with their wedding photos taken by Alex Marks !  Will share some soon !! 

Trying to fit in some stitching time but not too much getting done !! 

Just little bits here and there !!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Busy fitting in a couple of days in Sydney each week lately to look after Jonah which has been lots of fun !!  

Always happy and smiling and a pleasure to spend time with !!

Here he is playing with paint at daycare this week !!  Very creative at 9 months !! 

We had a weekend in Melbourne for football and fun last weekend ....

Father and son die hard Hawthorn supporters !!   They won !!!!

I managed an hour at the quilt show too which was a bonus !!

Some beautiful quilts .... a few of my favourites ....

And now back to Wednesdays with Jed and Clay ....

Jed is the Lego king !!!

And Clay is always happy with food !!!

And a little bit of quiet stitching while they rest !!