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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Shepherd's Bush Christmas Stockings

While we were away at Lake Crackenback, Maria was finishing off one of the beautiful Shepherd's Bush Christmas Stockings .... I have seen them for years and thought there was way too much work involved ..... but now I'm hooked ....

I have 3 little grandsons who would love these ..... so I'm working away on one at the moment .... I love stitching on the Floba fabric using DMC Perle cottons and a tapestry needle .... it's such a lovely  past time .... creating memories for little family members .... and maybe when I finish this one and the next two .... I might start on their parents !!!

Such a treat to babysit Clay and Jed on Saturday when their mum and dad had a rare night out .... Clay is such a little thumb sucker ... cuddling up to Davey on the lounge .....

And we came home with a really cute photo of Jed which was taken at his Day Care which he attends once a week .... 

Another nice photo from the weekend is of Andrea, Elliott and Jonah and their puppies out bushwalking ....

And finally .... Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary to Sam and Nadia for this past weekend .... how time flies !! 


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  2. Oh my goodness Fiona: The photos of the Boys are adorable.
    Love the Shepherds Bush Stockings, I have a few not stitched yet.



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