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Thursday, January 4, 2018

And now its 2018 !!

Some more holiday snaps .... New Years Eve was a little quiet with little boys in the house ... we enjoyed dinner and then as it became darker we had some sparklers on the front lawn ... here are Ash and Tim and Jed and Clay .... Jed was very excited about the sparklers !!

There were train games .... in my lovely cane tray I might add !!!   Jonah and Clay had a great time !

Elliott and Andrea and Jonah enjoying sparkler fun on the lawn ....

New Years Day was a bit cloudy but the little boys all donned their wetsuits and headed out for a "cousin surf" before Elliott, Andrea and Jonah headed back to Sydney ....

Little waves were perfect for the little boys .... and the dads had a great time too !

A quick photo after the swim and Clay had fallen asleep ... exhausted from too much partying over Christmas I think !

After they left, David and I headed down to the beach to relax and read (not something you get to do with little boys running around) ..... loving my new "klean kanteen" which is like a very modern thermos and keeps your drink and ice cool at the beach or your warm drink warm when its cold !  

And my wish for 2018 has come to fruition so far .... I was hoping that 2018 would bring sunshine and beach days, sand between my toes, smiles on my face and fun family times .... and I have had exactly that ....  with one more week till we go back to work, I am also enjoying a little bit of quiet stitching on my next Christmas Stocking ....  very relaxing !!

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays wherever you are and whatever you may be doing .... 

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  1. I have that exact tray, now I know what to do with it! Glad you are getting some sun and surf, I have my fingers crossed for cool wet days as my garden is burnt to a crisp, so much for cool and wet southern highlands. Enjoy your time off.


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