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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Day 2 of 2018

It appears I can now post some photos ...... so here goes .....  our Christmas was fun filled and we actually celebrated  with lunch on Saturday with good friends from Canberra, then we had a traditional Czech Christmas Eve as our daughter in law, Andrea, has Czech heritage, then finally we had lots for lunch on Christmas Day !!  

Just prior to Christmas I managed to finish off this cute little Mill Hill design Christmas Strawberry for Sylvia which turned out nicely ... I made one for me a couple of years ago and loved it so made another!! 

I also finished off my first Shepherds Bush Christmas stocking which I loved stitching on the Floba fabric - it has a rustic feel and was made, with love, for my husband David (Davey to his grandchildren)

On the Thursday before Christmas, Jed and Clay and I drove down to Moruya airport to collect Sam who flew in early as he had finished off his work in Sydney .... the little boys were very excited to see the little plane fly in and for Sam to disembark created much excitement !

A quick trip down to Sharan at the Bodalla Bakery and we enjoyed a lovely morning tea together with Sam .....

Then more excitement as we collected the gingerbread house which Sharan had made for our Christmas Celebrations !   The boys of course chose the one with the most smarties !!!

Jed was super excited to spend some one on one time with Sam when Clay had a little sleep !

Elliott, Andrea and Jonah arrived the next day and we were all excited to see that Jonah is now walking and is such a delightful little fellow .... he loved the time with his cousins ....

Our Saturday lunch was boosted by the surprise arrival of my sister and her husband and their daughter who came down for a quick visit before heading off to New York for Christmas ... here are all the girls .... Chelsea, Wendy (my sister), Andrea, Kim (Canberra), me, Ashleigh and Kate (Wendy's daughter) .... and yes there is some celebratory champagne in those glasses !!

It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed lunch out on the deck ....

We have known Bill and Kim since Sam was a baby and they had a holiday house across the road from us so they have become an additional set of grandparents to our children and they all share a much treasured friendship .... it is very special to be able to share a little Christmas celebration with them ....

Jonah was keen for a surf (or so his dad said) so they borrowed one of Jed's wetsuits and headed out for some waves ....

Our Christmas Eve dinner was a traditional Czech celebration and Andrea had spent days in the kitchen at home preparing Czech cookies for everyone .... there were hundreds ... all gone now of course !!

We all enjoyed our dinner ... inside this time as it was quite cool out ....

More Christmas photos to come tomorrow .... if blogger allows me to upload photos tomorrow that is !!


  1. Oh wow the kids are all growing so fast.... Lovely projects and great Xmas memories......

  2. Lovely photos of such special family times.

  3. Being from Canada, I chuckled at the thought of attempting to eat Christmas dinner outside! I love your strawberry finish. So lovely!


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