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Monday, January 15, 2018

Shepherds Bush Christmas Stocking

I have really enjoyed stitching this latest Shepherds Bush Christmas Stocking ("Richard") and  I decided, after Davey suggested it, that it would be for me !

And so it became "BIC BIC's" stocking ....   he said we both needed one .....

So ..... I finished the stitching, added the charms, added the name and put it beside the one I made for him to see how they looked .... a great pair I think !!

My grandchildren call me BIC BIC and they call David DAVEY .... my nickname from my dad when I was little was "BICKY" (because apparently the first word I said was "Bicky" and "Chocolate") and it has stuck .... he still calls me BICKY and Jed's version of that became BIC BIC .... so I guess that has stuck forever now.     My mum is Cookie to her grandchildren (as in Cookie Monster) so I'm think BIC BIC is quite OK with me !!

I love the finished version .... lined with a nice maroon Christmas print and bound with the same fabric .... now on to the next one .... with 4 children, 4 wives & husbands to each of those children, and 3 grandchildren (so far) I think I better get cracking if they are all to have one for Christmas 2018 !! 

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  1. Your stockings are beautiful! I have been working away very slowly at making stockings for my family. Your post is inspiring to get going again at that mega project!


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