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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sunny Days

We have had some beautiful beach weather here on the south coast .... so nice to enjoy our holidays at the beach before heading back to work this week.

Here are Sam, Jonah and Elliott in Sydney last week .... walking the beautiful walk from Manly to Shelley Beach !   

Jed and Clay spent a late afternoon looking for crabs and playing in the beach pools at the beach the other day and Tim took some of these great shots....

Being dragged around in the shallows is such fun !

Ash must have taken this one with Tim pulling the kids around in the shallows ....

And as the sun went down and the frisbee was in mid flight ....

Today was another glorious day enjoy the water which is such a beautiful temperature at the moment !!

Just back from the beach yesterday and Elliott snapped this shot of David and I on his new phone !

Headstands on the paddle board are always a challenge .... Elliott !! 

Looking forward to our last day of holidays tomorrow before going back to work on Tuesday .... 

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  1. The children look like they are having a great time, lucky to have energetic adults to pull around the board. Lovely to see a dog on the beach, what beach is it? I have trouble finding dog beaches south of Sydney. It's 39.5 in Bowral today and it is no fun, far too hot, the garden is crispy and there are lots of distressed birds and animals too. Hope we get a cool change soon. Enjoy the last of your holidays and the grandchildren.


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