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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Grandchildren and being creative !

It was lovely to have a day off work today .... my new routine for the year starting this week (a little late I know) is to have 2 days off a week .... then 3 ..... then all of them completely !!!  Maybe by the end of the year !!      Having a whole day to yourself is a treat .....    

Elliott and Andrea bought Jonah a little table and chairs set which is very cutely placed in front of their aquarium where he can watch the fish while being creative ....

And here he is doing a handstand out of the pool on the weekend at their place .... such a cute little fellow !

So ..... my first day off had to include some activity and some stitching (my stipulation) so I gathered my swimming things together and headed off to the pool to do some laps ..... so nice to be back in the water doing laps for fitness and for some back problems .....

I came home and did a bit of tidying up in my sewing room ....

And then I started to look for this pattern for a Welcome cross stitch which I stitched many many years ago and which is on the wall in my sewing room .... couldn't find it anywhere .... does anyone know where it came from ???

And finally I got to sit in the sun this afternoon and do a little stitching .... dinner is simmering in the tajine and luckily I get to do this all again tomorrow with the little boys ....

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  1. I think I may have that pattern somewhere. I will have a search.

  2. Hi Fiona: Is it a design from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts magazine? I remember one so much like this one.
    I love to swim and try to make it to the pool everyday, lucky for me it is an indoor pool at the wellness center.


  3. Hi Fiona, I think your cross stitch design is from Cathy Pepper in Narooma. Have a look at her instagram page #pepperlanedesignsnarooma Hope you are enjoying some "me" time.


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