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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Shepherds Bush Stocking and Home

We had a great weekend looking after Jed and Clay while their mum and dad went to Sydney for the weekend for a function.    Jed became the puzzle king and just loved trying to do every jigsaw puzzle in sight !

They helped us move the furniture back into our lounge room on Saturday after we had had the carpet lifted and the floorboards beneath sanded and polished .... they loved dancing around the room before the furniture was replaced !

Sam and Nadia took a walk up to North Head to visit the memorial to David's dad and his men .... it is always a moving visit whenever any of the family pay their respects ....

And in the quieter moments .... these two slept !

They were so excited that we had a "sleepover" at their place for 2 nights ... and suggested al fresco dinner of pizza ... so we complied !

It was a bit rainy on Sunday morning so we headed to Milton for morning tea and a play ....

And we managed to find a few puzzles on the way home for the "puzzle king" !

And finally the dust has settled from the sanding and the mess in our house over the past week, and I can think about getting out my next Christmas Stocking to stitch .... this one is Brett .... not sure who this one will be for yet ......  watch this space .....

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